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For the sake of achieving justice and equality in our societies, the world needs a revolution. The time has come to rise up against oppression and amplify the voice of the struggle for justice and dignity.

I would like to suggest some of the thing things that you must do and some of the things that all of us must do in order to be truly free, Don’t let anybody make you feel that you are nobody…

Dr.Martin Luther king

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  • People are the real power
  • Eradicating all forms of oppression
  • Anti-social and economic injustice
  • Fighting corruption
Former revolutionaries

Discover the Uprising of Liberty and Honor

This platform is a haven for former revolutionaries, where they can share their passion and conviction with the world, fueled by a global recognition of their cause and their personal drive. Discover our mission and our core values, and join us to become part of this ongoing struggle for freedom and dignity.
Learn about our project and our main issues, and join us to be part of this revolution.

The Current Situation in the world

Services for Social Justice and Equality: Empowering Change

We are dedicated to exposing the corrupt institutions and systemic injustices that perpetuate inequality and oppression in the world, and we have been steadfast in our efforts to challenge and overcome them. It is imperative that we stand together in solidarity to ignite a genuine revolution for freedom, not only in Egypt but globally, and to create a world where human rights are respected and protected.

Overthrow the corrupt governments

The people are confronted with numerous obstacles in their struggle against corruption and resisting the dominance of authoritarian regimes

Defenders of Human Freedom

We are defending fundamental human rights and advocating for equal opportunities and fair treatment for all

struggles for justice and equality

Through our genuine revolution, we aspire to bring about justice and equality globally, encompassing every corner of the world


We uphold the power of collective voices and strive to amplify the people’s cries for freedom and dignity through a revolution that ignites hope and inspires change

Dear visitors

About freedom justice revolution

We are part of the revolution for freedom and dignity, convinced that the values of justice and equality are potent instruments in the struggle against tyranny and oppression. We endeavour with determination to achieve our objectives and confront the obstacles that we encounter in marginalized communities

People power

To confront the crushing weight of oppression and injustice, we must first empower the people, and so we labor with unwavering dedication to provide aid and sustenance to those who courageously fight for justice and equality in the world

inequality cases

We are also aware of the significance of confronting social and economic inequality issues globally.

The struggles of marginalized communities

“In marginalized communities, individuals are confronted with numerous obstacles and harsh realities

The clarion cry for justice and equality

We strive to illuminate the condition of human rights and society, and offer a platform for the voice of advocacy for justice and equality

Our Services

We strive to achieve justice and equality in Egypt by amplifying and verifying the efforts of activists who courageously combat oppressive forces

Community awareness

We help raise community awareness about human rights and encourage them to confront injustice and oppression.

Scale expansion

We work to expand outreach and documentation for activists and the oppressed around the world.

Documenting the facts

We document rogue events and cases to spread the facts and expose oppression and injustice.

Inspiration & change

We help inspire and change people to do better and join the movement for justice and equality.

Join the freedom, Equality, and justice revolution

Join the Freedom and Dignity Revolution today, which aims to empower the Egyptian people, fight oppression, and obtain their human rights.

Numbers of Subscribers in the free revolution and dignity

More than 1,500,000 movement subscribers, more than 900,000 followers worldwide, more than 70,000 tipsters, and more than 68,000 active advocates for justice around the world.



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Message from our Followers…

Learn about the experiences of our aktivist who benefited from our services and left their messages for everyone who wants to change the world

Despite facing numerous challenges in my profession, I’ve been empowered by the Freedom and Dignity Revolution to break through obstacles and move closer to realizing my aspirations. This movement has given me the courage and determination to strive for genuine transformation, and I’m excited to see the positive impact it will have on my life and the world around me.

Farah Jalal


The Freedom and Dignity Revolution has been a catalyst for me to find my voice and mobilize my passion for women’s rights, driving me to make a meaningful impact in creating a more just and equitable society. With renewed confidence and conviction, I’m empowered to speak out against injustice and work towards a brighter future for all women.

Nadya Mohamed

Women roghts organisation

I was drawn to the Freedom and Dignity Revolution because its mission to bring together diverse voices and perspectives resonates deeply with my own values. I’m driven by a shared vision of a world where social and economic inequalities are addressed, and I’m committed to contributing my skills and energy to making that vision a reality.

Yussef Jammal

International humanrights

Human right NGO supporters

Join us the majority movement 

Join the Freedom and Dignity Revolution today, which aims to empower the majority, fight oppression, and obtain their human rights.